Monday, 13 October 2014

Getting Unreal Engine 4 for free

Today I am writing just a small post to let know that you can actually have UE4 for free if are an university student through the GitHub Student Developer pack. To get it you need to have to own a valid e-mail address from your school or university. Bother your school if still don't have yours since almost every single university does have their own email domain address for their students.

GitHub Student Pack
Come on! Grab your GitHub Student Developer Pack while you can!
Then go to and proceed to create a new account in GitHub using you school email. If you already have a GitHub account, then you can just add your student address to you profile (You don't have to set it as your main address if you don't want) and then apply for the GitHub Student Developer pack.

Take note that they don't have a full listing of every single school in the world, and sometimes they need a little time to validate if you are eligible (as it was my case since I studied in a private university school in Spain).

And that's it! Once your account and your student e-mail have been both verified, you should now have access to a bunch of goodies including 1 year of free Unreal Engine 4 subscription. Yo won't have to pay those 19 $ per month but if you make profit, you still owe them the 5% of your gross revenue.

If you are more interested on more free resources for developing , you should be aware of Microsoft's Dreamspark. By providing your student's address you may have access to Visual Studio Pro among other Microsoft programs (yeah, you save around 646 € in a legit student license!)

Psdt: Now I realise I've did a typo when naming my blog. Lol. Should I leave it as "designed" or should I correct that?


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